Managed Services

Business Class Managed IT Services

Predictable & Proactive Services For Government, Education, Healthcare, and Small to Medium Sized Business

Managed IT Services for Small to Medium Sized Business

Global knows that every area of you business can be hectic and prone to stress. But there’s a special kind of pressure involved with IT, simply because the stakes are higher. When a server goes down in the middle of a busy workday, it means instant losses in productivity and, ultimately being extremely costly. There is also the constant pressure to stay one step ahead of new technology and industry best practices. And, of course, there are your end users. Someone needs to make sure they understand your technology and are using it effectively …and be on hand to troubleshoot their issues.

Its no wonder so many business and IT professionals come to us needing some help.

Managed IT Services for Government, Education, and Healthcare

Global understands the unique challenges that face these industries, and some of the compliance’s such as HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE16 that you may face on a daily basis. We know how important I.T. is to the care, education, and support you provide to the people of our communities, districts, and local State/City governments and departments. That’s why we provide high availability services and support tailored to meet these unique needs.

IT Support and Services are what we do best, and this allows you to focus on what you do best, supporting and serving our communities and our people.

Utility Cloud Services

Our CompleteCloud Utility Services Pricing Model was built for business owners that do not want to have to wade through the details of hardware specifications and software licenses.  We want our clients to focus on their business, and let us focus on making their IT work under a very predictable pricing model that is as easy as counting your employees.  The Utility fee includes all hardware, infrastructure software, site internet fees, and 24/7 support.  The Utility Services Pricing Model keeps us 100% in line with our customers.  If we think computers or servers are slowing down and causing our help desk phone to ring, we simply update the hardware, no sales process is needed.  Our customers never see hardware proposals, or bills for software upgrades, all are covered under the Utility Services Pricing Model.  Our customers don’t see extra fees for increased storage, or a bill for an extra SQL server for a new ERP they purchased.  It is all covered.

Bridge the Gap

Every organization has a gap between what they can support and what they need.

We seamlessly integrate with your organization to provide services whether we are supporting a very specific application or your entire IT infrastructure.